Cpt. myfist0
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Asteriod Survey Glasflar
Vital statistics
Participants Captain Myfist0
Date 2545.62
Location Lions Belt

Jumped from Starbase Pearl in the Alagora Abyiss to The Lions Belt which was a 6 month trip at light speed. NavCom detected a stable orbit asteriod with high levels of uranium 456. The automated miners could strip this frozen beast in two months but its 5 years average salery for me. Not like its danger free though. Many a gopher never returned from the cold depths of space.

The eventEdit

The NavComs intercept alarm, the loudest alarm on pegasus sounded at 22.43. Scavangers Myfist0 thought as he raced to the bridge.

"It's not a rock", Cranky the engineer yelled over his shoulder upon hearing the captain running up the metal deck planking. "Incredibly fast!"

"Quick prep Mr. Cranky, get us the hell off this rock. Fast." the captain said reaching to shut the NavCom alarm down. "Where the hell is Mr. Fritz"

"Probobly sleepin off a hangover after hookin up with his girl." Cranky said nervously, cursing under his breath at the ignighter button for engine 2 that had to be held pressed. 

The captain, looking at the bogey on the NavCom said "Computer, emergency lift



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