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XSI and Particle EffectsEdit

XSI Modeling Tutorial

Animated Ship Model Progress

Merge ObjectsEdit

1. If desired, you can select some or all of the polygon mesh objects to be blended before choosing the command.

2. Do one of the following:

- Choose Create -> Poly. Mesh -> Blend.


- Choose Create -> Poly. Mesh -> Merge.

3. Click to pick any additional polygon mesh objects.

If you make a mistake, Ctrl+click to undo the last pick. You can also press Esc to cancel the operation.

4. When you have finished picking, right-click in a 3D view.

A new polygon mesh object is created and the Merge Meshes property editor opens with the Blend option on or off as appropriate.

5. Adjust the Tolerance as desired. Boundary edges that are closer than this value in Softimage units are blended or merged.

For information about transferring attributes, see Attribute Transfer.

To attach two objects, first select the the meshes and select Mesh -> Merge Meshes. Then opening the ModExplorer with {8}, select the newly created object polymsh and select the option Polygon Mesh -> Merge Meshes. Turning the tolerance down to zero will allow the polymesh to retain all of the qualities of the original two objects. Then choose the Delete Input Operators option to get rid of the original objects.

Now that the plane and the hull are one object, I can use the tweak tool to weld the outer points of the plane to the hull. When using the weld function, you can click and drag points on top of others to merge the two into one point. Once the plane is completely connected to the hull, I adjust the position of individual points and use the Duplicate -> Scale/Translate polygon method to achieve the look desired.

XSI RescalingEdit

Scaling Tool by newboerg Download [1] (11.37KB)


SoaSE 1.19

Entrenchment 1.05

Diplomacy 1.00

TXT files for EntrenchmentEdit

Pirate Modding Edit

Research ModdingEdit


Capital Ships AbilitiesEdit

Is it possible to have a capital ship create a structure ? (Phase Stabilizer Node, Turret/Cannon, Broadcast Center)

Technically no, but for many of these things you can work around it my making stationary frigates that you can make. For example, the Sova's missile turrets aren't a structure, the game thinks its a frigate, but it acts like a turret in every way.

Is there a contraint that prevents a ship use an ability while it is engaged in combat? That is I only want the ship to be able to use the ability while it is not fighting enemy units.

There isn't a constraint, but there is a finsh condition which will end the buff if the entity takes damage. If it is an ability which targets another ship then use the ApplyTargetedBuffToSelf in the ability and then make the buff have an instant action with ApplyBuffToTargetNoFilterNoRange and a trigger with a delay of 1+ then two finish conditions, AllOnDelayInstantActionsDone and OnDamageTaken.

Ships Creating other ships:

Star Base Modding Edit

Is the number of starbases in a planet gravity well hardcoded?

No, it is defined in each planet's entity file.

Would it be possible to have a second type of starbase?

Yes, you just need to reference it in the player(racename).entity file and create an ability to create it.

Gravity Well's Edit

Is it possible to change the size of a gravity well?

It is in the planet's entity file. These two lines in particular.

moveAreaRadius 40000.000000

hyperspaceExitRadius 30000.000000

Fleet SupplyEdit

MoreShipSlots.rar Mod by gruntmaster1

Article from Changing Maximum Unit Number (thread)

1 - In your current Mods-Entrenchment v1.05 folder, create a new folder perhaps with the name 'b5 bigfleet'

2 - Open the new folder and also the b5 mod's folder

3 - Copy from the b5 mod the *.manifests and paste into the new 'b5 bigfleet'

4 - Go into the gameinfo folder in both the b5 and 'b5 bigfleet' folders

5 - In the b5 gameinfo folder find all the 'RESEARCHSUBJECT_MAXCAPITALSHIPS' and 'RESEARCHSUBJECT_MAXSHIPSLOTS' files and copy them into the b5 bigfleet\gameinfo (note if the ile does not exist in the mod then copy from your \sins\entrenchment\gameinfo folder)

6 - Download, extract and run one of the text bin gui's on the mod folder converting all the files to txt mode

7 - Edit EACH of the 'RESEARCHSUBJECT_MAXCAPITALSHIPSrace#.entity looking for


modifierType "CapitalShipMaxSlots"

baseValue 2.000000

perLevelValue 2.000000


modifierType "CapitalShipMaxSlotLevel"

baseValue 0.000000

perLevelValue 1.000000

the line you wnt to alter is the one in bold

and for the 'RESEARCHSUBJECT_MAXSHIPSLOTSrace#.entity's you look for


modifierType "ShipMaxSlots"

baseValue 0.000000

perLevelValue 540.000000


modifierType "IncomePercLost"

baseValue 0.000000

perLevelValue 0.093750


modifierType "ShipMaxSlotLevel"

baseValue 0.000000

perLevelValue 1.000000

and the line to look for and change is the BOLD one

and do not forget to save your changes.

when you have altered all the races to the larger supply then start entrenchment go to options then mods

stack the b5 bigfleet ABOVE the babylon 5 mod, apply then play

An easier way is to change your gameplay.constants file.

The only problem with the gameplay.constants file altering is that it will be removed with the next patch update to sins/entrenchment/diplomacy.

Go to your YourMod mod folder, it will be in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods-Entrenchment v1.05\YourMod\GameInfo. There may be a few small differences, but you should be able to find your way. Some folders may be hidden, so you may hav to adjust your folder settings.

Once there, find the gameplay.constant file and open it with a text editor, notepad works great. Find the lines

fleetSupplyScalar 1.25

Change the fleet supply scaler to your perferred amount. If you want two time the normal fleet supply, change it to 2. Then when you select large fleets ingame you will have the twice the fleet supply as normal.

Also, because you expressed concern, as long as you're running new versions of entrenchment or any version of diplomacy, you can load mods on top of each other. There are some possible complications, so it'd be best to look around the forum, but you could possibly create a fleep supply minimod and run it at the same time as the babylon 5 mod so that you don't actually change the babylon 5 mod. That way you can turn the fleet supply mod off and still play other people online with the babylon 5 one.

EDIT: This won't increase the number of capital ships allowed. The only way to do that is with the research file harpo mentioned.

Star GatesEdit

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