The year is 1942 and the planet is engulfed in war. Intelligent life is watching. The Bentuzi, a peaceful race, have been secretly watching the humans, guiding them to a higher state of consciousness. The Bentuzi thought the humans to be savage warriors, to be revered and reviled until the day came when the Bentuzi had to make contact with us. Using a cloaked jump gate to travel vast distances in an instant, the Bentuzi appeared with 27 ships over major combat zones. Fighting ceased immediately. Four hours after first contact the Americans were the first to assault the strange ships hovering silently above. Bearing down with the full might of the battleships had no effect on the shielded ships. After thirty six hours of repeated unsuccessful attacks by all major forces an official ceasefire was declared and all the guns on the planet fell silent.

Contact was made thirty seven minutes after the ceasefire by radio to the leaders at the peace talks. The Bentuzi were here in peace and were requesting asylum. "Our system, like many others, are falling to a new threat. Our home planet is being evacuated and there are so few terrain worlds that are able to sustain us." It did not take long for the leaders of men to reject the strange aliens. "Among millions of planets, your plant is a very rare jewel. You will need our help." Then came the sentence that changed the progress of the human race forever.

"They know where you are and they are coming."

"We must destroy the device use to transport us here