The default keyboard shortcuts are displayed on the right side of the drop down lists.

You can create your own keyboard shortcuts from the default panel. The keyboard mapping menu will display a virtual keyboard with the keys assigned on it.


Animation MixerEdit

Add Animation Track Shift + A
Add Audio Track Shift + U
Add Bridge Transition Shift + B
Add Cardinal Transition Shift + C
Add Coarse Transition Shift + T
Add Marker M
Add Shape Track Shift + S
Animation Mixer Preferences O
Clear All Undefined
Clear All Transitions E
Clear Shade Undefined
Clip Mute Undefined
Clip Properties Undefined
Clip Solo Undefined
Clip Time Properties Ctrl + T
Create Compound Undefined
Escape current tool Esc
Expand Compound Action Undefined
Frame All A
Frame Selection F
Horizontal Pan X
Interactive Update Undefined
Mix Weight Undefined
Mixer Properties Undefined
Nudge backward Ctrl + Left Arrow
Nudge forward Ctrl + Right Arrow
Preset Weights Constant Undefined
Preset Weights Easein Undefined
Preset Weights Easeout Undefined
Preset Weights Exponentionalin Undefined
Preset Weights Exponentionalout Undefined
Preset Weights Flipx Undefined
Preset Weights Flipy Undefined
Preset Weights Gaussian Undefined
Preset Weights Gaussian reverse Undefined
Preset Weights linear easein Undefined
Preset Weights linear easeout Undefined
Preset Weights Oscillate Undefined
Preset Weights Square Undefined
Preset Weights Square reverse Undefined
Previous Container Page Up
Remove Effect Undefined
Reset All Effect Curves Undefined
Reset Effect At Frame Undefined
Reset Selected Effect Curves Undefined
Save Offset Key Undefined
Scale backward Shift + Alt + Left Arrow
Scale forward Shift + Alt + Right Arrow
Select All Undefined
Selection Tool Space
Set Container Undefined
Slip backward Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
Slip forward Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow
Split Clip N
Start Bridge Transition Sequence B
Start Cardinal Transition Sequence C
Start Transition Sequence T
Toggle Auto Transition Undefined
Toggle Mixer Visibility W
Top Container Undefined
Trim After ]
Trim After Clip Undefined
Trim backward Shift + Left Arrow
Trim Before ]
Trim Before Clip Undefined
Trim forward Shift + Right Arrow
Uninstantiate Selected Action Undefined
Vertical Pan S
View Cycle Marks Undefined
View In Out Markers Undefined
View Marker Text Undefined
View Markers Undefined
View Time Warps Undefined
View Tracks for Selected Model U
View Transition Curves Undefined
View Weight Curves Undefined
Zoom Tool Z


Preview Clip Undefined
Refresh Browser F5

Brush Interactive ToolEdit

Adjust Brush Opacity E
Adjust brush radius R
Decrease brush radius Down Arrow
Increase brush radius Up Arrow

Custom Script CommandsEdit

markedgehard Undefined
visibilité subdiv/model Undefined

Dope SheetEdit

Collapse Selected Tracks C
Display Frames In TimeLine D
Expand Selected Tracks E
Frame All A
Frame Selection F
Hide Selected Tracks H
Horizontal Pan and Zoom Tool X
Lock Undefined
Pan and Zoom Tool Z
Rectangular Zoom Tool Undefined
Region Tool Q
Reset R
Select All Tracks Ctrl + A
Select Tool Space
Set/Unset Ripple I
Update F6
Vertical Pan and Zoom Tool S
Zoom In Pad + (Plus)
Zoom Out Pad - (Minus)

Expression EditorEdit

Apply Expression F5
Change Expression Target Ctrl + T
Clear Selection Delete
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Help F1
Insert Function F9
Insert Object F11
Insert Parameter F12
Next Component Ctrl + ; (semi-colon)
Next Component With Expression Ctrl + Shift + ; (semi-colon)
Open Expression Ctrl + O
Open Text Editor Ctrl + E
Paste Ctrl + V
Previous Component Ctrl + , (comma)
Previous Component With Expression Ctrl + Shift + , (comma)
Remove Expression Undefined
Save Expression Ctrl + S
Save Expression As Undefined
Select All Ctrl + A
Toggle Graph View Ctrl + G
Undo Ctrl + Z
Validate F4

FCurve ViewerEdit

Add Key Tool I
Break Slope B
Delete All Keys From Curve Backspace
Delete Key Tool D
Delete Selected Keys Delete
Edit Key Tool E
Frame All A
Frame Selection F
Grid G
Pan & Zoom Tool Z
Pan Tool Undefined
Region Tool Q
Select And Move Supra-Tool T
Select Tool With Priority To Tangents H
Unify Slope U
Zoom Tool S


Close Floating Window Ctrl + ` (left single quote)
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Delete
Paste Ctrl + V
Quit Ctrl + Q
Select All Ctrl + A

Global KeysEdit

Help F1

Internet Explorer ViewEdit

Favorite menu Undefined
Go Back Undefined
Go Forward Undefined
Go Home Undefined
Open Back History Undefined
Open Forward History Undefined
Refresh Undefined
Stop Undefined
XSIWEB Undefined

Layout ShortcutsEdit

Double Width MCP with View Stack Undefined
expert [user layout] Undefined
polymodeling [user layout] Undefined
SOFTIMAGE | XSI Suite Undefined

Render TreeEdit

Clear Undefined
Collapse All Nodes Undefined
Delete Selection Delete
Edit Selection Enter
Enable/Disable Grid Snapping Undefined
Expand All Nodes Undefined
Frame All A
Frame Selection F
Lock Undefined
Node Preview P
Pan and Zoom Tool Z
Pan View Undefined
Rearrange Ctrl + R
Rectangular Zoom Tool Undefined
Select and Move Tool Space
Show Connected Ports Only Undefined
Snap Selected Nodes to Grid Undefined
Update F6

Scene ExplorerEdit

Actions Undefined
Activation Params Only Undefined
All + Animatable Parameters Undefined
All except parameters Undefined
All Nodes (Scripting) Undefined
All Parameters Undefined
Animatable Parameters Undefined
Animated Parameters Undefined
Animated Params Only Undefined
Animation Properties Undefined
Applied Properties Undefined
Clusters Undefined
Color Code Undefined
Color Only Undefined
Current Layer C
Current Pass U
Custom Properties Undefined
Expand All Branches Below Selected Node(s) Pad * (Multiply)
Find Next Selected Node F
Flatten Parameters Undefined
General Properties Undefined
Geometry Operators Undefined
Groups Undefined
Help F1
Kinematics Undefined
Layer L
Local Properties Undefined
Lock Undefined
Materials Undefined
Materials and Shaders Undefined
Mixers only Undefined
Modeling Properties Undefined
Models Undefined
Models only Undefined
No Parameters Undefined
Objects Undefined
Objects only Undefined
Operators Undefined
Passes A
Position Only Undefined
Primitives Undefined
Primitives and Properties Undefined
Project P
Properties Undefined
Refresh All F5
Rendering Properties Undefined
Reset Layout R
Rotation Only Undefined
Scaling Only Undefined
Scene S
Selection E
Shaders Undefined
Sources/Clips O
Track Selection Undefined
Update F6
Use Script Names Undefined
Viewing Properties Undefined

Schematic ViewEdit

Clear Undefined
Delete Node Tool Backspace
Delete Selection Delete
Edit Selection Enter
Expand/Collapse Nodes N
Frame All A
Frame Selection F
Lock Undefined
Pan and Zoom Tool Z
Rearrange Ctrl + R
Rectangular Zoom Tool Undefined
Reset Zoom R
Select and Move Tool Space
Set Scope to Current Layer C
Set Scope to Selection E
Tile Undefined
Update F6
Zoom In Pad - (Minus)
Zoom Out Pad + (Plus)

Script EditorEdit

Clear history log Undefined
Clear script editor Undefined
Clear selection Delete
Copy the selection Ctrl + C
Cut the selection Ctrl + X
Find Ctrl + F
Go to Ctrl + G
Help on F1
Help script editor Undefined
Help search Undefined
New script Ctrl + N
Open script Ctrl + O
Paste Ctrl + V
Print script Undefined
Replace Ctrl + H
Run script F5
Save script Ctrl + S
Save script as Undefined
Save selection Undefined
Sellect all script Ctrl + A
Undo modification Ctrl + Z

Scripted Operator EditorEdit

Apply Scripted Operator F5
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Help F1
Insert Function F9
Inspect Variables Alt + Enter
Paste Ctrl + V
Save Scripted Operator as Fcurve Undefined
Save Scripted Operator as Preset Undefined
Toggle Graph View Ctrl + G
Undo Ctrl + Z
Validate F4

Spreadsheet ViewEdit

Alternate Row Color Undefined
Edit Query Undefined
Fit Columns to Contents Undefined
Lock Undefined
New Query Undefined
Open Query Ctrl + O
Save Query Undefined
Show Animation Divot Undefined
Show Grid Lines Undefined
Update F6

Texture EditorEdit

Add To Cluster Undefined
All Components Select Tool N
Bleed Polygon Ctrl + Y
Bleed Vertex Ctrl + T
Cache Properties Undefined
Clear Undefined
Clip Properties Undefined
Cluster Selection Undefined
Collapse Undefined
Continuous Play Undefined
Copy Ctrl + C
Create Cluster Ctrl + L
Crop Tool B
Deselect All Ctrl + Shift + A
Edge Select Tool E
Export Clip Undefined
Frame All A
Frame Image I
Frame Selection F
Freeze Undefined
Hide Selected Undefined
Hide Unselected Undefined
Import Clip Undefined
Lock Undefined
Move Tool M
Pan and Zoom Tool Z
Paste Ctrl + V
Pause P
Play L
Polygon Select Tool Y
Preferences Undefined
Rectangular Zoom Tool Undefined
Remove Cluster Ctrl + Shift + L
Remove From Cluster Undefined
Rotate Tool C
Scale Tool X
Select All Ctrl + A
Select Tool Space
Set UV Undefined
Shader Properties Undefined
Show All Undefined
Show Image Alpha Undefined
Show Selected Undefined
Snap to Edges Undefined
Snap to Grid Undefined
Snap to Mid Points Undefined
Snap to Pixel Corners Undefined
Snap to Pixel Edges Undefined
Snap to Points Undefined
Stop O
Sync Shift + F6
Translate Tool V
Uncrop U
Update F6
UV Properties Undefined
Vertex Select Tool T

Undo/Redo ManagerEdit

Redo Ctrl + Y
Repeat Undefined
Undo Ctrl + Z

View ShortcutsEdit

Animation Editor 0
Animation Mixer Alt + 0
Animation Panel Undefined
Audio Output Monitor Undefined
Browser 5
Command Line Undefined
Constraint Panel Undefined
Context Properties Undefined
Context Switcher Undefined
Custom Undefined
Debug Notification Undefined
DopeSheet Undefined
Edit Panel Undefined
Explorer 8
Expression Editor Alt + 9
Image Clip Viewer Alt + 6
Layer Control 6
Layer Panel Undefined
NetView Alt + 5
Palettes Alt + 2
Playback Panel Undefined
polymodelling Undefined
Presets Undefined
Render Tree ` (left single quote)
Schematic 9
Script Editor Alt + 4
Scripted Operator Editor Alt + 8
Scripts Undefined
Selection Panel Undefined
Snap Panel Undefined
SpreadSheet Alt + 3
Texture Editor Alt + ` (left single quote)
Timeline 3D Undefined
Toolbar Panel Alt + 1
Transformation Panel Undefined
View Manager Undefined
Viewer Undefined


2 Points Constraint Undefined
3 Points Constraint Undefined
Activate Current Select Tool using Filter Undefined
Activate Group/Cluster Select Tool using Filter = (Equals)
Add a Decay Undefined
Add Cloth Clusters Undefined
Add Component Tool Undefined
Add Custom Parameter Undefined
Add Edge Operator Undefined
Add Edge Tool \
Add First Child to Selection Shift + Alt + Down Arrow
Add Next Sibling Branch to Selection Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right Arrow
Add Next Sibling to Selection Shift + Alt + Right Arrow
Add Object to Partition Undefined
Add Parent to Selection Shift + Alt + Up Arrow
Add Point on Curve Tool Undefined
Add Polygon Tool N
Add Pose Action Items Undefined
Add Previous Sibling Branch to Selection Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Left Arrow
Add Previous Sibling to Selection Shift + Alt + Left Arrow
Add Surface Point Tool Undefined
Add to Cluster Undefined
Add to Group Undefined
Add Vertex Tool Insert
Align Objects Undefined
Apply Cloth Undefined
Apply Flexible Envelope Undefined
Apply Path Undefined
Apply Shape Key Undefined
Apply SoftBody Undefined
Apply Trajectory Undefined
Assign Flexible Envelope Locally Undefined
Bevel Undefined
BlendMesh Undefined
Blob Shader Undefined
Boolean Difference Undefined
Boolean Generator Difference Undefined
Boolean Generator Intersection Undefined
Boolean Generator Union Undefined
Boolean Intersection Undefined
Boolean Union Undefined
Bounding Plane Constraint Undefined
Bounding Volume Constraint Undefined
Bridge Polygon Undefined
Camera Orthographic Undefined
Camera Telephoto Undefined
Camera Visibility Options Shift + S
Camera Wide Angle Undefined
Capture Viewport Undefined
Clear Marking Ctrl + Shift + M
Clip Undefined
Collapse Ctrl + Delete
Connect to Texture Projection Undefined
Connect To Texture Support Undefined
Connect Weight Map Undefined
Convert Position Animation to Path Undefined
Copy External Files into Project Undefined
Copy FCurve Keys Undefined
Create a new particle type Undefined
Create Camera Projection Undefined
Create Camera Texture Projection Undefined
Create Chain from Curve Undefined
Create Cluster Ctrl + L
Create Cylindrical Texture Projection Undefined
Create Explosion from Cylinder Undefined
Create Explosion from Sphere Undefined
Create Fluid from Cube Undefined
Create Fluid from Disc Undefined
Create Fluid from Square Undefined
Create Group Ctrl + G
Create Model Undefined
Create PlanarXY Texture Projection Undefined
Create PlanarXZ Texture Projection Undefined
Create PlanarYZ Texture Projection Undefined
Create Purely Implicit Texture Projection Undefined
Create Reference Plane Ctrl + -
Create Spatial Texture Projection Undefined
Create Spherical Texture Projection Undefined
Create Texture Projection Undefined
Create UV Texture Projection Undefined
Cube Particle Cloud Undefined
Curve (Path) Constraint Undefined
Curve Circle Undefined
Cut FCurve Keys Undefined
Cut Hierarchical Link Ctrl + / (Forward Slash)
CV NURBS Curve Tool Undefined
Delete All Shift + Delete
Delete Component Alt + Delete
Delete Components Undefined
Delete Current Layer Undefined
Delete Objects Tool Backspace
Delete Point on Curve Tool Undefined
Delete Selected Branch Undefined
Deselect All Ctrl + Shift + A
Deselect All Using Filter Ctrl + Shift + F
Direction Constraint Undefined
Disc Particle Cloud Undefined
Display Options (All Cameras) Undefined
Dissolve Component Undefined
Dolly Tool P
Duplicate from Animation Undefined
Duplicate Multiple Undefined
Duplicate Single Undefined
Duplicate Single w/o Options Ctrl + Alt + D
Duplicate symmetry Undefined
Duplicate Tool D
Duplicate/Extrude Multiple Ctrl + Shift + D
Duplicate/Extrude Single Ctrl + D
Duplicate/Instantiate Options Undefined
Edge Select Tool E
Edge Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + E
Edit Custom Parameter Sets Undefined
Edit Parameter Definition Undefined
Escape Pick Session Esc
Explosion Shader Undefined
Export .xsi Undefined
Extrude Component Undefined
Extrude Component Axis Undefined
Extrude Component Axis With Subdivs Undefined
Extrude Component Axis With Zero Length Undefined
Find Cycle Input Undefined
First Frame Home
First Key Shift + , (comma)
Fluid Shader Undefined
Frame all A
Frame All (All 3D Views) Shift + A
Frame Selection F
Frame Selection (All 3D Views) Shift + F
Freeform Select Tool F9
Freeze Active Transform Undefined
Freeze All Transforms Undefined
Freeze Operator Stack Undefined
Freeze Selected Undefined
Geometry Approximation Undefined
Get Lock Undefined
Glow Undefined
Grid (All Cameras) Shift + G
Grid Particle Cloud Undefined
Grow Selection Shift + N
Hide and Deselect Undefined
Hide Back Facing Polygons Undefined
Hide Texture Supports Undefined
Hide Unselected Objects Undefined
Hide/Unhide Selection H
Hide/Unhide Texture Supports Shift + J
Import .xsi Undefined
Import from SI3D Undefined
Import Preferences Undefined
Info Scene Ctrl + Enter
Info Selection Shift + Enter
Inspect All Node Properties Alt + Enter
Inspect Envelope Weights Ctrl + E
Inspect Kinematics Undefined
Inspect Local Transform Ctrl + K
Inspect Object Enter
Instantiate Multiple Ctrl + Shift + I
Instantiate Single Ctrl + I
Instantiate Single w/o Options Ctrl + Alt + I
Interpolating NURBS Curve Tool Undefined
Invert Polygon Undefined
Invert Selection Using Filter Undefined
Lasso Select Tool F8
Last Frame End
Last Key Shift + ; (semi-colon)
Last Operator in Stack Ctrl + End
Lens Flare Undefined
Linear Curve Tool Undefined
Load Preset Undefined
Lock Undefined
Make All Objects Selectable Undefined
Make All Objects Unselectable Undefined
Make Local Copy of Shared Property Undefined
Make Model Local Undefined
Manipulate Tool B
Maximize/Restore Current Viewport F12
Merge Scene Undefined
Merge Scene Undefined
MergeMesh Undefined
Mesh Cube Undefined
Mesh Grid Undefined
Mesh Sphere Undefined
Modify Projection J
Motion Blur Undefined
Move Center to Points Undefined
Move Point Tool M
Move Selection to Current Layer Undefined
N Points Constraint Undefined
Navigate Node Object Undefined
Navigation Tool S
New Custom Parameter Undefined
New Custom Parameter Set Undefined
New Layer Undefined
New Scene Ctrl + N
Next Frame Right Arrow
Next Inspected Node Page Down
Next Key ; (semi-colon)
Null Undefined
Null Tool Undefined
NurbsToMesh Undefined
Object Annotation Property Undefined
Object Display Property Undefined
Object Select Tool Space
Object Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + Space
Object to Cluster Constraint Undefined
Open Scene Ctrl + O
Orbit Tool O
Orientation Constraint Undefined
Override Light Shader Undefined
Paint Properties Ctrl + W
Paint Push Tool Undefined
Paint Select Tool F11
Paint Tool W
Paint Vertex Color Tool Undefined
Pan and Zoom Tool Z
Parent Tool / (Forward Slash)
Particle Cloud Undefined
Particle Force Object Undefined
Paste FCurve Keys Undefined
Pick Component Undefined
Pick Emitter Undefined
Pick Force Undefined
Pick Obstacle Undefined
Pick Position Undefined
Play Backwards Shift + Up Arrow
Play Backwards From End Undefined
Play Forwards Up Arrow
Play Forwards From Start Undefined
Play in Real Time Ctrl + Up Arrow
Play in Real Time From Start Undefined
Play/Reverse Play Undefined
Plot All Transformations Undefined
Plot Curve Undefined
Plot Marked Parameters Undefined
Plot Shape Undefined
Point Select Tool T
Point Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + T
Polygon Select Tool Y
Polygon Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + Y
Pose Constraint Undefined
Position Constraint Undefined
Previous Frame Left Arrow
Previous Inspected Node Page Up
Previous Key , (comma)
Quick Stretch Undefined
Raycast Edge Select Tool I
Raycast Edge Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + I
Raycast Polygon Select Tool U
Raycast Polygon Select Tool (Extended Selection) Shift + U
Raycast Select Tool F10
Rectangle Select Tool F7
Rectangular Zoom Tool Undefined
Refresh Render Region F5
Remove All Animation Undefined
Remove Animation Ctrl + Shift + K
Remove Cluster Ctrl + Shift + L
Remove Custom Parameter Undefined
Remove from Cluster Undefined
Remove from Group Undefined
Remove Group Ctrl + Shift + G
Remove Key Shift + K
Remove Object from Partition Undefined
Render Region Tool Q
Rendering Visibility of Current Layer Undefined
Replace Shape Key Undefined
Reset Active Transform Shift + R
Reset All Transforms Ctrl + Shift + R
Reset Assignment for Flexible Envelope Points Undefined
Reset Camera R
ResetEffectAtFrame Undefined
Roll Tool L
Rotation Tool C
Save Action Key Undefined
Save Key K
Save Key on Path Undefined
Save Key on PosX Pad 1
Save Key on PosY Pad 2
Save Key on PosZ Pad 3
Save Key on RotX Pad 4
Save Key on RotY Pad 5
Save Key on RotZ Pad 6
Save Key on SclX Pad 7
Save Key on SclY Pad 8
Save Key on SclZ Pad 9
Save Locked Key on Path Undefined
Save offset keys Undefined
Save Preset Undefined
Save Scene Ctrl + S
Save Scene As Ctrl + Undefined
Save Shape Key Undefined
Scaling Constraint Undefined
Scaling Tool X
Select Adjacent Edges Undefined
Select Adjacent Points Undefined
Select Adjacent Polygons Undefined
Select All Objects Ctrl + A
Select All Using Filter Ctrl + F
Select Branch Undefined
Select Child Nodes Undefined
Select First Child Alt + Down Arrow
Select First Child in Branch Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Select Members/Components Undefined
Select Model Undefined
Select Next Sibling Alt + Right Arrow
Select Next Sibling in Branch Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow
Select Parent Alt + Up Arrow
Select Parent in Branch Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
Select Previous Sibling Alt + Left Arrow
Select Previous Sibling in Branch Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow
Select Shape Key Undefined
Select Tree Ctrl + T
Selectability of Current Layer Undefined
Sequence Undefined
Sequence All Undefined
Sequence All Undefined
Sequence Marked Parameters Undefined
Sequence Selection Undefined
Sequence Selection Undefined
Set a particle type Undefined
Set Envelope Reference Poses Undefined
Set Filter to Edge Ctrl + F9
Set Filter to Object Ctrl + F7
Set Filter to Point Ctrl + F8
Set Filter to Polygon Ctrl + F10
Set Frame Relative Move Component Undefined
Set Proportional Modeling Undefined
Set Transient Reference Plane -
Set Value Map Offset Undefined
Show 3D Context Menu Undefined
Show Next Manipulator Tab
Show Next OGL Projection Ctrl + ]
Show Previous Manipulator Shift + Tab
Show Previous OGL Projection Ctrl + ]
Show swift menu Shift + ` (left single quote)
Show Texture Supports Ctrl + Shift + J
Show/Hide Grid G
Show/Hide Render Region Shift + Q
SI Create Empty Polygon Undefined
SI Edit Polygon Undefined
Sketch Curve Tool Undefined
Snap Boundary Undefined
Sparks Shader Undefined
Sphere Particle Cloud Undefined
Split Edge Operator Undefined
Split Edge Tool Insert
Split Polygon Operator Undefined
Split Polygon Tool Undefined
Stop Down Arrow
Store Shape Key Undefined
Subdivide Shift + D
Subdivide Shift + D
Subdivide Undefined
Subdivide Edge Undefined
Subdivide Polygon Undefined
Surface Constraint Undefined
Surface Fit Undefined
Surface Grid Undefined
Surface Grid Tool Undefined
Surface Sphere Undefined
Surface Sphere Tool Undefined
Switch to Animate Toolbar 2
Switch to Model Toolbar 1
Switch to Render Toolbar 3
Switch to Simulate Toolbar 4
Toggle Area Lights Undefined
Toggle Mute State Undefined
Toggle Selectability Undefined
Toggle Solo State Undefined
Trajectory Constraint Undefined
Translate Tool V
Unhide All Objects Shift + H
Unlock Undefined
Unset Frame Relative Move Component Undefined
Unset Proportional Modeling Undefined
Update Referenced Model Undefined
Viewport Visibility of Current Layer Undefined
Visibility Options (All Cameras) Ctrl + Shift + S
Volumic Undefined
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